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About precarious faculty rising, the blog, and precarious faculty rising, the network

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precarious faculty rising Blogger, primary blog, created 2009; syndicates to Facebook, G+ page, @precariousfac@VCVaile, @VanessaVaile. Features include News Feed, Video Bar, blog roll, links, archives, search, social media, subscription and sharing options, separate pages include About, PFR Network, Canada, Videos, NFM Newsletter archives, live eMeet space (Chatroll) and links to Program for Change and COCAL International pages.
Precarious Faculty Facebook page, created 2009; syndicates PFR blogs precarious faculty risingDispatches from the Precarity ZoneAdjunct StoriesCOCAL Updates and selected external blogs…because networks, by definition are extended, intersecting with other networks
@precariousfac Twitter, personal account, focus on precarious academic labor, adjunct issues, organizing; syndicates Precarious Faculty posts
@VCVaile Twitter, personal account for higher ed, ed tech, elearning, not limited to adjunct/academic labor; also syndicates Precarious Faculty posts
A is for Adjunct, aggregation page; syndicates to Tales of a Trota Campos and precarious faculty blogroll
Dispatches from the Precarity Zone Tumblr, adjunct and higher ed news page, individual stories and Google News aggregations by topic (e.g. adjunct, contingent faculty, higher education, precarious labor, etc)
Adjunct Stories Tumblr, one among many online sites dedicated to bearing witness by collecting and publishing adjunct stories; reader submission enabled, moderated
Campus Equity Week Tumblr, dedicated to biennial Campus Equity Week (US) and annual Fair Employment Week links, events (Canada)
COCAL Updates Tumblr, partially archiving Joe Berry's COCAL Updates as a public service, not affiliated with the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor
#Mobilize4Equity Tumblr, to support Peter Brown's Mayday inspired National Mobilization for Equity campaign
As the Adjunctiverse Turns WordPress, curating WP blog posts on adjunct and academic labor, syndicates to pfr blog roll and @VCVaile. 
MOOC Madness WordPress, curating WP blog posts about MOOCS, syndicates to pfr blogroll @VCVaile
A is for Adjunct, curated links, "collected sightings of the academic precariat in cyberspace"

+ PFR pages/posts on Pinterest,, Storify platforms & my public G+ page

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To reiterate, we are#notNFM: not web page, blog, FB page A new faculty majority, twitter streams @precariousfac and @VCVaile nor other blogs and social media sites tentatively designated part of the Precarious Faculty Rising (PFR) Network. These open pages are part of my personal, informal network of precarious faculty links — news, information , support and advocacy sites  NOT an organization!

Please revisit the following posts: "on recent social media changes" December 15, 2013; "blog updates—new pages & other confusion mitigation" December 18, 2013; and "#PFR network: blog & #socialmedia directions" January 15, 2014

We are all working toward a common goal, just not all on the same track or following the same map. Cooperation and coordinating efforts make more sense than conflict and competition — let's leave that behind us in the realm of higher ed hierarchy and #badmin that we want to change
Vanessa Vaile, March 2014
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